“Roaring!” – ROCKSOUND

“Metallic exuberance!” – KERRANG!

“Terrifying aural attacks” – METAL HAMMER


BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE hailing from Plymouth (UK) bring an onslaught of spiky guitar riffs & roaring vocals, backed up by an absolute bull of a drummer, Lee Vanstone keeping the songs on lockdown through beatdown after beatdown.

The onstage charisma of vocalist Robert Clark is more than enough to win over the hardest of crowds with his words conducting the rest of the band from song to song seamlessly.

Making their live debut in 2006, & influenced by bands such as Converge, Slayer & Shellac, Brotherhood Of The Lake have made no compromises with their sound and play a show as if doing this runs in their blood.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE toured with Johnny Truant & The Bled, as well as shows with Architects, The Blackout, Misery Signals, Terror, Emmure, Dead Swans, August Burns Red, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Devil Sold His Soul, Shaped By Fate and more.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE’s track “The Ocean” was played on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE’s self-titled EP was recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading by Matt O’Grady & Ben Humphries, mixed by John Mitchell, and features five of their finest tracks. Out now on Glasstone Records.