“Band of the day” – SOUNDSPHEREMAG.COM

“Exploded onto the blogs” – ELECTROCRATE.COM

“Full on electro punk” – YOU LOVE HER COZ SHES DEAD


From Bern, Switzerland ELECTRONIC DEER (Lukas Raab, Vocals and Raffaele Zompicchiatti, Synths / Drums and other instruments) exploded onto the blogs with their self-produced overdriven, noisy and melodic electro punk.

ELECTRONIC DEER’s debut album ‘Hipster Hunt’ has already achieved them international bookings and a UK label, including band of the day with, Amazing Radio air-play (multiple times and various tracks) including Amazing Beats air-play & The Gill Mills Show.

Raffaele played in an 80s thrash metal band for several years as lead guitarist and vocalist, but after Electronic Deer started making music together in April 2011 it quickly evolved into a full blown electro punk duo, which spread on the internet rapidly, to their surprise.

ELECTRONIC DEER’s debut ‘Hipster Hunt’ is out now on Glasstone Records.