“Thrashy” – METAL STORM


ELEVENTH APPARITION formed in Wales in 2007 and rose high in the Welsh Metalcore scene with their energetic brand of metal and epic melody.

With no desire to ‘pioneer’ and never restricting themselves to any one sub-genre, ELEVENTH APPARITION construct their songs for the listener, and through doing so create the music that they want to hear.

“We want more than anything to make a metal record, with amazing ranges and techniques vocal wise, shredding guitar with more than the average metal riffage, and epic arena like drumming. Not saying we want to be, or even try to be different from anyone, all we want to do is make good music. We never think that we have to be the heaviest band or the most technical band, but if it sounds good we’ll play it.”

ELEVENTH APPARITION recorded their debut mini-album, ‘Silhouettes & Sinners’ at Sonic One Studios (Kidwelly, Wales) with Tim Hammill and have since taken to the live circuit with bands such as Exit Ten, Fei Comodo, The Morning After and Nato to name a few.

‘Silhouettes & Sinners’ is out now.