“fusion of Hybrid/Cross-Genre/Metal that is guaranteed

to get the pits started” – BIRMINGHAM MAIL


An eclectic, fierce mix of raw metal and dark electronic, with epic, cinematic soundtrack elements, sinister samples and eastern influences. backed by an incredibly intense and physical energetic live experience. Forged out of a fix to create something unique and different, unbound by conventional soundscapes and musical approach.

Establishment’s genres of influence include Industrial / Grime / Orchestral / Dubstep / Drum n Bass / Trap / Hardcore / Metal.

Establishment’s “Canis Canem Edit” EP was mixed and mastered by Greg Brooker (Glasstone Records / Akrya / YLHCSD / Call The Doctor / NG26 / Run From Robots / The Common).

Establishment have played tour dates with TRC, Astroid Boys, The Catharsis, Continents, Carcer City, Aroura, Knife Party.

Glasstone Records have released Establishment’s “Canis Canem Edit” EP.

The EP was written for the most part in the heart of Birmingham City, and it documents city life; the hostility, the pace, the vice, self confidence, the environment, the life lessons it teaches, and its trials and triumphs.