– Blank TV Premier airtime
– BLUE JEAN MAG full page feature (8.5 / 10)
– LA TALK RADIO airplay


INSISTENCE was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2006, with their first steps into the metal scene with their demos, ‘Drain’ (2006) & ‘Mind Healing’ (2007).

The bands previous album, ‘Coexistence Key’ was released in 2009, awarded as ‘Best Album of the Year’ by Blue Jean Music Magazine, a publication with a history of 20 years in Turkey, whilst also performed on Turkish National Television several times.

In addition, INSISTENCE have been billed with many outstanding names in the metal scene, including OPETH,TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, CALIBAN, EXODUS, HATESPHERE, KATATONIA and many others.

In Turkeys biggest metal portal’s (metaltr.nets) ‘Best of 2009’ poll, INSISTENCE took the titles: ‘Best Band Act’, ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Flashing Act’, ‘Best Myspace Page Layout’.

Additionally, in Turkeys top music magazine Blue Jean/Headbangs ‘Best of 2009’ poll, INSISTENCE were elected as ‘Best Band’, and ‘Coexistence Key’ as ‘Best Album’.

Since 2011, INSISTENCE have evolved into a global musical movement rather than a national act.

INSISTENCE’s album ‘Foreshadow’ is out now on Glasstone Records.