“The band are clearly intelligent and work to a depth that makes them stand out” – Rocking Republic


Little Death Machine are a three piece who formed in London in 2012.

Little Death Machine take influence from: My Bloody Valentine, Health, Fugazi, Cannibal Ox, Saul Williams, The Smiths, Coco Rosie, The Knife, Tricky, The Velvet Underground, Portishead, Quicksand, Swans, Bjork, Kraftwerk, Joanna Newsom.

The bands single ‘Pale’ was written in the “no-mans land” time between Christmas and new year, which is reflected in it’s sound.
The lyrical inspiration is based upon personal events.

Little Death Machine played ‘The Great Escape’ Festival last year (headliners were Example, Wild Beasts, These New Puritans).
The band also performed at ‘Yr Welcome’ in Birmingham (headliners were God Damn and Slaves) and have toured with Bone Cult, The Infinite Three, Dressmaker, Red Light Effect, Slaves, God Damn, Flesh for Lulu,
Deadcuts, Faerground Accidents, Novonada, Die Kur, Motion Static, Skinny Girl Diet.

The band have already acheived airplay on radio, including Amazing Radio and Optical Radio.

Little Death Machine work extremely hard on their live shows, and stand out with their live visuals. This is reflected in the bands music video for the track ‘Hit Me’.

Glasstone Records will be releasing the bands single ‘Pale’ on the 16th March 2015, the single was mixed by Ays Kura (Die Kur).

The band will be working on the followup EP which will be released later in the year, and which will be recorded completely live at the bands favourite venue ‘Power Lunches’.