“Magnificent riffage” – DEVOLUTION MAGAZINE

“Strong, powerful and epic!” – BALLBUSTERMUSIC

“Hard and heavy” – TOP ROCK RADIO

“A big big revelation” – RADIO QUARTZ FM (BE)


NEVERBORNE are a UK metal band formed in 2007. With Karl Groom (DRAGON FORCE, HAMMERFALL) at the helm they entered Thin Ice Studios in Surrey to record their debut EP, that saw the ‘In Absence Of Fear’ EP released in stores in November 2009 .

In 2010, again under producer Karl Groom’s auspices, NEVERBORNE re-entered Thin Ice Studios to record 11 new tracks destined for debut album, ‘Self Destruct Syndrome’ enlisting two guest musicians, Henrik Danhage (EVERGREY) and Antony Hamalianen (NIGHTRAGE) appearing on the songs ‘The Enemy That We Keep’ and ‘Mechanical Ruin’ respectively .

Sweden’s Studio Fredman (IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY) delivered the new NEVERBORNE album’s final masters.

NEVERBORNE have shared stages with top international bands such as ILL NINO, KATATONIA & BREED 77 across venues and festivals throughout the UK.

NEVERBORNE’s ’Self Destruct Syndrome’ album is out now on Glasstone Records.