“Absolutely fantastic” – ROCKFREAKS.NET (8.5/10)
“Riffs to make KILLSWITCH ENGAGE blush”


SINCE YESTERDAY formed in 2002 in Ankara, TURKEY. Described by METAL HAMMER as “… a musically talented heavy band as cool as any from the UK or US with riffs to make Killswitch Engage blush, groove like
anything by Devildriver and the pace of As I Lay Dying, without all the generic formulas of everything from the US since 2004.”

SINCE YESTERDAY have gone to great lengths to serve up their album ‘The Artificial Truth’, enlisting the talents of Will Putney of The Machine Shop Productions NJ, USA to produce, engineer, mix and master the album. Will Putney has previously produced albums for Suicide Silence, Reign Supreme, Thick as Blood & The Banner to name a few and has worked on albums for the likes of Lamb of God, Haste the Day, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Four Year Strong, Armor for Sleep, Demon Hunter & Unearth.

Additionally, the album artwork is by Derek HESS, who has worked for Unearth, Sepultura, In Flames, Converge, Deftones, Fall Out Boy, Warped Tour, Atreyu, Pantera, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, Bad Religion, NOFX, Pearl Jam & Pink Floyd.

SINCE YESTERDAY have recently toured with Horse The Band (USA), Madball (USA) & played at “UNIROCK OPEN AIR FESTIVAL III” in Istanbul, July 2010 with world-renowned acts like Cannibal Corpse (USA), Nevermore (USA), Amorphis (Fin), Obituary (USA), Necrophagist (Ger), Dark Funeral (Swe), Overkill (USA), Sabaton (Swe), Belphegor (Aus), Grave Digger (Ger), Heaven Shall Burn (Ger), Behemoth (Pl) & Entombed (Swe).

SINCE YESTERDAY’s album, ‘The Artificial Truth’ is out now on Glasstone Records.