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Swindelli started his professional life as the principal writer/vocalist with the band The 25th Of May, who released their first album, Lenin and McCarthy, on Arista Records. From 1997- 2001 he released two albums on One Little Indian Records and Rondor Publishing with the band Manbreak.
Swindelli has been interviewed by the NME, MTV, Sounds, ITV, Mark Radcliffe and had numerous sessions on Radio 1, Radio 5, Radio Merseyside, Petofi Radio (Budapest) and various syndicated and independent radio stations in the USA.

Swindelli has toured with The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, David Bowie, Smash Mouth, Live, Luscious Jack’s on, Chumbawamba, Beck, Run DMC.

The album ‘Wait’ was produced by Swindelli, and Mixed and Mastered by Greg Brooker.