“Exquisitely crafted” – THE LAST LAUGH FANZINE
“Like Muse on barbiturates” – RAW RAMP MAG


THE WICKED VENETIANS are a three-piece English rock band that is rapidly growing in notoriety like the rot in popular culture. Surrey based and inspired by love, death and everything in-between from the depraved writings of the Marquis De Sade to Nietzsche and Palahniuk.

THE WICKED VENETIANS main source of stolen sounds and ideas comes from bands such as Joy Division, Muse, Him, Nirvana, The Smiths and Arcane Roots.

After forming in the early part of 2013, THE WICKED VENETIANS have started to gain a reputation for their energetic, anything could happen and usually does live show. After circulating a couple of tracks, Hell and Sleepless with homemade videos on Youtube THE WICKED VENETIANS gained some modest radio/industry attention and signed to Glasstone Records.

Whilst continuing to gig, the band went to Stakeout Studios with producer Jason Wilson (We Are The Ocean, Charlie Simpson) to record their debut release, a mini-album entitled, ‘My Heart Was In The Wrong Place’ which is out now on Glasstone.