“Completely cult status” – BBC RADIO 6
“Jaw dropped instantly” – FUSION RADIO
“Future of music” – LOST LEGION RECORDS


Ambassadors of the weird, the strange and the socially unconventional, THE BOHEMIAN EMBASSY (UK) don’t just write edgy catchy rock indie pop tunes, they also live it, breathe it, drink it and take it.

There isn’t really anything THE BOHEMIAN EMBASSY haven’t sacrificed for the band, and largely operating on questionable sustenance, they bring to your ears some inspired material described as “telepathic post-punk” & not dissimilar to a modern day Velvet Underground or next generation Beatles, with some Supergrass style and modern-day glam thrown in to the mix, sealed together by a pure love and addiction for making music.

‘Built For The Future’ is fun, energetic & hard-hitting at times. Refreshingly difficult to pigeonhole, but the songs are beautifully crafted and stick with you in that “pop” way without really tiring.

THE BOHEMIAN EMBASSY already have a great live reputation, always bring a crowd, always ends in frenzied primal urges, sharing stages with bands such as You Love her Coz She’s Dead, Go Ape, Supergrass, The Heavy, Kid Carpet, The Delays, Selfish C***, whilst also headlining many great venues, for example Moles (Bath), Thekla (Bristol) & Metro (London).

THE BOHEMIAN EMBASSY’s debut album, ‘Built For The Future’ is out now on Glasstone Records.